Online System

  1. Access the Utility Bill Payment Web Site
  2. Create your User Account 
    1. Requires valid Email address 
    2. Requires password that you create (NOT viewable by admnistrators)
    3. phone number is not required
  3. Email registration will be sent to the listed email 
    1. Email will contain a verification link 
    2. This system willl not work until this email link is clicked 
  4. Access the Utility Bill Payment Web Site
  5. Under Utility Billing link you must add your utility billing account
    1. Information required comes from your last utility bill = Example (click to view example)
    2. "Location ID" required (exactly as shown on utility bill) - CIELO-002937-0000-01 in example
    3. Last payment amount - 125.00 in example 
    4. Click on "Add Account
  6. The next time you log into "Utility Billing" your account will show 
    1. additional accounts can be added if desired 
    2. Pay - Payment is an option for any listed account 
  7. Clicking the "Account Number" there are several options 
    1. Account Detail - shows recent transactions and balance 
      1. Make a Payment - This option takes you to credit card payment system 
    2. Transaction History - search for payments and amount due by date
    3. Address Info - shows services included in the utility bill amount 
    4. Account Info - shows account status as active or inacrive 
    5. Consumption - shows water usage for last 12 months compared to the previous year 
  8. Payments are immediately shown in Utility Billing system at City Hall 

  1. Customers can reset their own passwords by clicking "Password Recovery" at the Log in screen 
    1. An Email will be sent to the registered email with a clickable like to reset password 
  2. Call 831-675-5000 for assistance 
    1. or email