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Redevelopment Successor Agency - Oversight Committee

RDA Actions in Response to the State Budget and California State Supreme Court

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City of Gonzales            Gonzales Redevelopment Agency


Gonzales Utility Service Change Order
Link to Form

1. Complete form to connect/disconnect/change utility service (Water/Sewer/Garbage)

2. Fax (831-675-2644) or take to City Hall, 147 Fourth St, Gonzales, CA, 93926

3. Fees may be paid over the phone with a credit card

    • $20 Transaction Fee

4. Deposit must be paid

    • $100 to turn on service for renters
    • $150 to turn on service for renters
***Transaction WILL NOT be complete until fees are paid 

Community Development


 Economic Develpment

Gonzales Economic Develpment Strategy and Action Plan


Community Develpment Block Grant

CDBG - Draft Annual Action Plan FY2015-16 

FY2015-16 Action Plan



Building Department



  Gonzales General Plan (note: large files)



Public Safety

Police Department

Police Logs
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